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Off Campus Lunch for Seniors

By Jordan Davis

One of the best perks of being a senior is the ability to go off campus for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seniors receive this privilege when they sell raffle tickets to raise money for Saint Pius X sports and clubs. Every senior looks forward to coming to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays because they are able to go with their friends to any restaurant or fast food chain and enjoy various foods. Seniors have eaten the same food from the Saint Pius cafeteria for three years and it is nice to mix it up once in a while. Saint Pius X is also in a great location for off campus lunch because there are diverse places to grab some delicious food.

St. Pius X Spirit

By Erin Rose Howard

St. Pius X High School is bursting with school spirit this year! Homecoming week is a time to take pride in our school and celebrate it and this year the SPX students did just that. Thanks to student council, the halls were decorated festively to keep up spirits throughout the week and to remain a reminder of the festivities to come. St. Pius students retain great pride in our school and work to make it the best place we possibly can. Everyone participated in the crazy dress up days, such as Founder’s Day and the crazy carnival day, and celebrated our school community.

The seniors retained their class pride in reigning victorious over the juniors in the annual Powderpuff Football Game between junior and senior girls, and the male cheerleaders brought just the right amount of pep and short skirts to the field. Though the boys had less luck on the field against Los Lunas, we are still proud of our boys for their great effort on the field and we support and cheer them on every step of the way as they represent our school to the best of their abilities.

 This homecoming week was a huge success and revealed the great love and loyalty all the SPX students and faculty have for our school which explains why Pius was voted one of the most spirited high schools in the state of New Mexico by winning the Spirit Stick from a local television station, KRQE!  Keep it up Sartans!

SPX Homecoming Bonfire

By Garrett Smith

The 2012 St. Pius X Bonfire and Bazaar was a huge success! Setup for the event began with the club moderators and their volunteers arriving at around 4:30pm to set up their booths for the Bazaar. The volunteers who showed up to help the teachers did so with a great attitude and a smile on their face. The items from the Black and Gold Bazaar ranged from pretzels and cotton candy, to a makeshift jail where you could have your friends arrested for three dollars!

All the students who attended had a fantastic time watching the musical acts and simply hanging out and chatting with their friends. The climax of the evening was, of course, the lighting of the fire. Everybody gathered around the pile of scraps from the Class Float Parade to watch the tradition of the boys Cross Country team light the fire at around eight o’clock. As the fire died, everybody left to their cars, and the dedicated volunteers helped with cleanup. All in all, the Bonfire was not at all disappointing, and in fact, a night to remember.

Coach Tybor’s Intramurals

By Jacob Maestas
The best part of SPX High is being able to have as much fun as we can during our lunchtime/pastime with Coach Tybor’s intramurals. Coach Tybor, a 46-year-veteran staff member at SPX, holds intramural programs that include soccer, softball, three legged races, volleyball, horseshoes, kickball, and sack races outside during lunches. 

Coach Tybor makes this X-perience the best part of SPX. And when it’s cold outside Coach Tybor opens up the gym for some basketball, volleyball, and some hockey fun.  FYI-if Coach Tybor is in neither the auxiliary or main gym DO NOT ENTER!!!! Just go knock aimlessly on Coach Tybor’s office door and he will come out and open the gym.   

Enjoying our campus and all that it has to offer is Coach Tybor’s goal. He sees all of us as a gift and gives back the same.  Thanks Coach.

St. Pius X Clubs

By Rafael A. Sarmiento '15

Ah, clubs. You never can get enough of them, especially if they’re Panini BLTs. Oh wait; we’re talking about high school...oops. Anyhow, I happen to be quite impressed with all the fun and madness St. Pius has put into clubs. So many of the students here have formed clubs of all sorts, for every person-there’s even an imaginary club! The clubs selection is diverse, going from classic, (drama, fencing, fishing, etc.) to pop culture (Pokémon and Star Wars. Need I say more?). 

We also have culture and religion for some, such as the Bible Club or perhaps the Native American Club (you don’t have to be a Native to join!). Considering I’ve gone to four completely different schools around the nation with clubs, and have visited several others, I’ll say Pius is definitely one of the most unique and colorful schools for clubs. If you think you or someone you know is too weird or picky to find a club, I guarantee that Pius is 97.86% likely to absorb anyone, much like a voracious sponge!  


The variety of clubs at St. Pius. Above, The fencing club. Right top, Native American Club and Right bottom, Anime (Pokemon) Club.

All School Lunch in the St. Pius Community

By Jordan Davis '13

There’s nothing like having an all school lunch at Pius, especially during the first month. Students love sitting with their new and old friends catching up and sharing memories from this summer. Sitting with all of your friends is sometimes a rare opportunity because not everyone has lunch during the same period, but with an all school lunch people are free to sit with anyone they choose. Students are able to do this while learning about the fascinating clubs that Pius has to offer. Pius has a broad and diverse number of clubs which are presented outside and available to recruit new members or answer questions.

Another great bonus to an all school lunch is the delicious Dion’s pizza provided for only a couple bucks. Peers can chip in together and purchase a whole pizza. The money raised is then used to help the MAD Against Hunger funds. What better way to raise money for our school outreach club? Students and the administration show their support towards this huge project day, working with MAD Against Hunger, by raising money through all school lunches and jean days. Pius loves incorporating fun ways to unify our campus, raise money for our special clubs, and take advantage of the nice weather God has given us.




Club day at St. Pius. Top left, Future Educatiors look for new members. Top right, Ms. Jennifer Gonzales, moderator of the SOUL club shows students the club tee shirt. Left photo, Students sign up to participate in the National Oceanic Sciences Bowl.


Aloha to the 2012-2013 School Year

By Erin Rose Howard

There’s no better way to start off back to school than Luau! Luau is by far the best dance of the year because there’s no pressure, no dates, and no expensive dinners, only fun with friends. This year more people than ever attended Luau to participate in all the fun, food, and friends that luau had to offer. Luau definitely lived up to its reputation as being the most enjoyable dance of the year.

Held on a pleasant Friday evening, the dance boomed with incredible music for dancing and the laughter of friends. This dance is the highlight of the back to school season because everything from the food to the company is pleasant and enjoyable and gets everyone excited for the school year and the rest of the amazing dances to come.


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